Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Left for Dead 2

I need some serious tips how to drill my roommate on this game. Since a while we have serious problems facing the ending on extreme, and it just wont work. I think he is not really taking this serious. So how do i make him train more on video games than doing real life stuff? I am quite into it, but without a strong wingman i am lost anyways. I will let you know when any progress is done.

Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Best Practices

Compparing best practices one can see, that the golden way is just to have super powers, as Alice given by the T-Virus. For the case one is not able to generate superpowers it can be a problem, dealing with attacking Zombies.
"Dawn of the Dead" shows, that leaving a safe house is in most cases a bad idea. There are just a few reports on survivors reaching actually a camp when leaving their hide out. In Fact the best succes rate is provided when one just stays at home, and waits for help. Very uncommon informations are provided from "Rave to the grave", this movie throws up the question if staying at home causes the risk, to be bombed by the government.

Montag, 7. November 2011

Back Again

Dear Reader,
due to some trouble keeping my Home clean of Z's i wasnt able to provide updates recently. But i will soon be posting some new Zombie stuff.

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Small Update

Due to some smaller dutys than reporting about the threat coming from Zombie invasion i can not keep this blog as up to date as i wish. So i am writing just this short update, encouraging you to vote for the date of the Z-Day. This method finding the real date is based on James Surowiecki's Book from 2004. It is about the knowledge of the masses. This means the more votes are incoming, the better gets the approach to the real date. So the plan is to get by this on a large time scale, so the highest possible amount of votes is reached. The picture shows some birds using their massintellect, it works.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

recorded Zombie activities

Recently i came upon an article from the american newspaper the telegraph published 5. Feb 2009. From this article the picture is taken.
As you see there was a coincidence including some Zombie activities, but there are no further sources available. Later it was dementet, saying that the writings were pranks, placed there without permission. But in my opinion the fact that there is hardly any material about the coincidence in the internet shows that there is some secret hidden about what happened there in Februar 2009. So we will have to look out, perhaps the day Z is sooner as we think. Please share your opinion, when you have a guess when the Z-Day will come, share it and i will collect and publish.

Freitag, 8. April 2011

The social Zombie

The Zombie as braindead creature motivated by primitive instincts seems at a first glance not able to keep social relations. But there exists source material prrving the opposite. For example Land of the dead shows up Zombies with feelings and social relations. Very weak but visible. Sometimes it is even seen that the Zombies follow some kind of leader. In Left for Dead 2 the Clowns lead groups of about 10 Zombies. The Brain Eaters, a very nice film made 1954 shows a structure where the Zombies follow the one which created them. It must be mentioned that in this case the zombiefication is created by parasites what allows the conclusion that the structure is a copie of the inner structure of the parasites. There could also be mentionend a very recent film, Dead Snow. As you see there the military structure is hold up by the zombiefied Soldiers. So it is possible that social structures exit in Zombie groups, as a copie of those, which existed at lifetime. The remaining question is if this allows the conclusion that there is remarkable brain acivity left, or if it is just an imitation of the behaviour at lifetime. In my opinion a Zombie is in general capable of basic feelings and thougts. The brain sector responsible for feelings must be working in any way just to produce the rage when seeing human beeings. Unfortunately this question can not finally be answered what leaves a significant gap in the considerations about Zombie ethics.

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Zombielution part 2

As seen in the comments there was the idea, that the world population is growing similar to the Expansion of the Zombies. Therefore i plotted the relation between the amount of Zombie films per Mrd. habitants on earth against timem as seen below.

As you can see this plot shows a nice exponential behaviour. So thanks for the good idea, considering the presented data one can state that there are two influences increasing the Zombiefication. The more Zombie film exists per person, the likelier an individual decides to produce a new one, this is an indicator for exponential growth. With increasing population the total number of produced films is increased, what leads with increasing world population to overexponential growth. The fits are made with the chi² Method. If somebody is interested in viewing the standard errors i will post them, else i will keep this more comfortable stil.